We are an Italian company, leader in our field.
We create and produce with love handmade compositions of stabilized roses.

Our creations are distinguished from any other type of stabilized roses, as they are made entirely by hand and are embellished with Swarovski precious crystals.
This gives the product exclusivity, grace and value.
Each rose is sprayed with delicate rose fragrances, in order to make the essence eternal, so as to fascinate not only sight but also the smell.
 Thanks to the different proposals of compositions and packaging, this product is suitable to be bought or given for every occasion.
A stabilized rose means elegance and certainty of an indelible memory.
 The stabilized roses are treated with a specific process that maintains their natural appearance; our buds come directly from Ecuador and Colombia.
The process to which they are subjected enhances the color and prolongs their conservation for several years, without the need to be watered or exposed to the sun.
We are expanding not only in the Italian market but also abroad.
You can view some of our graceful products in the dedicated "PRODOTTI" area.
If you want more information and for any collaboration do not hesitate to contact us.